The first thing I noticed about StyleWe, right off the bat, is the amazing selection of products that they carry. A lot of them have very intricate and special designs that I had never seen before on an online store. This specifically called my attention, since, let's be real, most online stores tend to carry the same selection of products. StyleWe is different, and you can tell by their about us page:

StyleWe is an online fashion shopping platform featuring independent fashion designers. We are committed to providing shoppers with original, high quality, and exclusive fashion products from independent designers.
By working with cutting edge independent fashion designers from around the
world, and combining them with our high quality production and digital marketing
capabilities, we will turn the fashion designers’ dreams into reality by providing high fashion to customers worldwide.
Rather than just an online shopping store, we would like to create a community which will be shared by both designers and customers. The community will enable
all parties to communicate, share ideas, and recognise each other. It would not only provide instant feedback for fashion designers when launching new concepts or products, but would also allow customers to share their shopping experiences and fashion dreams.
And that's just one part of the description! It's really interesting to see an online store give a different approach to the term. Right now I'm definitely considering getting a floral romper like the ones pictured here, or since spring is going to come around soon maybe a halter top bikini. If you're interested in StyleWe, you can check out their Instagram and their blog.


  1. That's interesting, I like your idea so I'm gonna follow you on GFC.
    PS: very interesting the blue and white dress, looks like a two piece outfit.

  2. Nice post

    Love Vikee


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