I Want Candy

Oh. My. God.

That, my friends, was my exact reaction when I first entered Apparel Candy. Well, maybe not my instant first but definitely the one I made when I entered the sunglasses sections. Apparel Candy is  a recently launched website that sells discount wholesale clothing. They recently reached out to me in hopes of a collaboration and I'm very proud to say that I probably picked the best company to do my first collaboration with! 
At first I decided to check out the page before agreeing and the first thing that caught my attention was the awesome design of the page. It's very sleek and easy to browse around on. Another cool thing that drew my attention is that even though it's a wholesale site, you can find tons of clothing that you normally wouldn't find on other wholesale pages. Just by looking around at the sweaters, tops, rompers (which are seriously lovely as hell), and my personal favorites, the shorts, you could see that a lot of the clothes that they carry are very unique and different from most websites that manage wholesale. Another great thing is that if you're not a company or a looking to open a boutique is that you can still by stuff by their unitary price at the same low cost. 
All in all, though, the thing I legitimately feel in love with is their sunglasses. Mainly because I'm obsessed with accessories, so I do tend to drift to that section first, but I also adore the tons of variety of sunglasses that they have. For real, I'm impressed at how completely different and versatile all of the styles are, but the designs in themselves are very unique and impressive. Right now I'm still browsing around the accessories page to decide how many pair of sunglasses I can afford at the moment lol. So yeah, give yourselves a spin around the page! You won't regret it, trust me.


Baby It's Cold Outside

So, winter time is finally arriving here in Mexico City, and if there's one thing I've noticed, it's that winter here is definitely different from where I used to live. One of the main reasons is that it is freaking cold like ALL THE TIME. Even before November, there have been so many where I'm freezing to death. And sadly, lil' old me didn't think that the weather would be so harsh and only brought like, three different jackets, no joke. Clearly I have no understanding of the weather, so recently all I have been doing is searching for coats and jackets that look good, warm and most importantly don't leave me broke. Recently I found Fashionmia, who as you can see in the pictures shown above have a pretty cool selection of coats, and they are surprisingly super affordable. One of my favorite parts of winter are the clothes, especially jackets, so I was super pleased to find a site with offers so affordable.  Here's the link you can visit for more women's trench coats or if you'd like to visit Fashionmia directly for more women's clothing online.

Hope you all find as many awesome things as I did!


Dresslily Wishlist

Fashionable Zipper and Tie Up Design Women's Short Boots Leisure Metal and Zipper Design Women's Sandals Stylish Black and Criss-Cross Design Women's Flat Shoes

One of the boldest moves (and possibly the only one) I have made this year is to move away from home to come study to Mexico City. And while so far it's been great, I know understand all the jokes college students make about being poor and more specifically living on ramen. I've come to find that in a career choice like mine, graphic design, it can definitely be hard to save up money for one simple reason: art supplies are pricey as fuck. The only thing I can say I 100% miss about having money more easily is that I could browse around online and if I saw something I really, really liked then I could probably get the money by saving up in one or two weeks. That however isn't an option anymore. I recently stumbled upon this website called Dresslily and while I know I won't buy some of the stuff anywhere in the near future, I wanted to share these because they are definitely what I would get in an instant. I know that since they're dresses, the first choices are kinda weird to pick but I fell in looove with their vintage section (even though I'm not one of those people who only wears vintage). I thought all the dresses were so lovely, I had a hard time choosing favorites!